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Traditional Metal Braces

Traditional metal braces are the treatment of choice for most orthodontic treatments. To realign teeth, brackets are attached to teeth and supported by wires. An orthodontist guides teeth into an optimal position and ensures ongoing oral health through carefully calculated adjustments to the brackets and wires. Although the concept of using archwires, elastics, and brackets attached to teeth to improve the alignment of teeth and optimize bite patterns is relatively unchanged in recent years, the braces themselves have become significantly more comfortable.

traditional metal braces
traditional metal braces

Traditional Metal Braces Can Repair Almost Any Orthodontic Condition

Compared to other orthodontic correction techniques, traditional metal braces can solve the most extensive range of orthodontic problems, such as:

  • vertical alignment issues
  • severe deep bites
  • cross bites
  • severe crowding
  • extreme underbites or overbites.

Traditional metal braces will give an orthodontist the greatest possible control in correcting jaw position, optimizing teeth alignment, and maximizing the results of the orthodontic treatment.


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